Clegg’s Nursery, LLC


Illuminate your flowerbeds with pale and

golden yellows


Aztec Gold                                 Happy Returns

Butterflake                                  Little Gypsy Vagabond

Butterscotch Ruffles                  Stella d’ Oro

Galadriel                                     Yangtze



Creamy white blends that liven gardens both day and night:

Holy Spirit



Here’s a peek at some of this year’s hottest daylilies.  Beat the heat with our sizzling selections of red, purple, pink and creamy white blossoms that continue to bloom through much of the summer.

Rosy pink and peach blossoms:



Joylene Nichole          

Siloam Double Classic


Cool off with lavender and deep purple hues:


Grape Ripples


Bold crimsons and delectable candy-apple red:


Little Business

Mac the Knife

Nashville Star

Burnt orange and citrus:


Double Talk