Clegg’s Nursery, LLC

Bedding Plants

Clegg’s has the largest selection of bedding plants in town.  From annuals and perennials to vegetables and herbs, there’s no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of our four locations.

Plant perennials this year to keep from

replanting each year!

For the sun:                    For the shade:

Angelonia                                    Ajuga

Coreopsis                                    Alternanthera

Cuphea                                         Dicondra

Echinacea                                    Heuchera

Gaura                                           Jacobena

Lantana                                       Lysimachia

Pentas                                          Ruellia



Shasta Daisy

Verbena                                       And more…


Plant herbs for culinary or medicinal purposes:


Arugula                          Feverfew                       Tarragon

Bay Tree                       Lemon balm                  Thyme

Basil                               Lavender                       Valerian

Catnip                             Mint                   And more...

Cilantro                          Oregano

Dill                                  Parsley

Fennel                            Stevia


Enjoy your Cool Season Garden

With these vibrant beauties

Dianthus “Amazon”, “Diana”, “Everlast”

Bacopa “Snowstorm”

Foxglove “Camelot”

Snapdragon “Oh Snap” -

     perfect for cutting!

And more...

Incredible Edibles... enjoy fresh vegetables from your backyard!

Coming soon...