Clegg’s Nursery, LLC

gift ideas

Surprise your loved one with

great garden ideas:


Birdhouses                    Hanging baskets

Decorative pots            Houseplants

Fruit trees                      Hummingbird feeders

Garden clogs                 Rose bushes

Garden flags                 Wind chimes

Gift Certificates            And more...     


Consider these hanging baskets

for excellent winter color:


Asparagus ferns           Lobularia

Boston sword ferns     


Plentifall pansies

                                       And more…

Houseplants can create a tropical effect on your porch or in your living room:


Bromeliad                                   Ivy ‘Pothos’

Chinese Evergreen                   Orchid

Cordyline                                    Peace Lily       

Dracena                                      Philodendron ‘Xanadu’

Ficus Tree                                  Sansevera

Fishtail Palm                              And more...