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What’s Hot This Year:

New from Weeks                        

Corretta Scott King (HT)

             Coral Blend                                          

Good As Gold (HT)               

             Golden Orange

Happy Go Lucky (HT)


Jump For Joy (FL)

             Peach Pink

Hybrid Teas/Grandifloras


Red/Red Blend                     Coral Blend                           Orange/Orange-red Blend

Always and Forever             Coretta Scott King                Fragrant Cloud

Chrysler Imperial                   Sedona                                     Good As Gold

Double Delight                                                                          Tropicana


In The Mood                          

Lasting Love                           Yellow Blend                        Lavender/Plum Bend

Mr. Lincoln                              Bella’roma                               Fragrant Plum

                                                   Ch-Ching                                Neptune

                                                   Dream Come True               Stainless Steel

                                                   Happy Go Lucky                    Twilight Zone

Pink Blend                             Hotel California                                      

Chicago Peace                      Love and Peace                   

Falling In Love                       Midas Touch                          

Francis Meilland                    Peace

Gentle Giant                           Radiant Perfume

Grand Dame                           Rio Samba

Heart O Gold                          Strike It Rich

New Zealand                          Tahitian Sunset                                                                        

Perfume Delight   

Queen Elizabeth                    White

Tiffany                                       John F. Kennedy

                                                   Sugar Moon



“What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet (2.2. 45-7)


Nothing surpasses the tenderness, charm and sophistication of the rose bush.  Spice up your garden this spring and summer by planting a bed of roses now.  These classy shrubs can be added to almost any landscape, and offer not only vibrant color and tantalizing scents, but serve as ideal fresh cut flowers as well. 


Visit each of our stores for stellar displays of over eighty varieties of roses, shipped fresh from Weeks.  We’ve got what you need, from the newest releases, hybrid teas and floribundas, to the old-fashioned shrub.  Don’t forget that climbing roses, miniatures, and the easy to grow ‘Knock Out’ roses and ‘Drift’ roses are also a must.



Floribunda Favorites



Red/Red Blend                            Orange/Russet Blend

Drop Dead Red                            Hot Cocoa

Ketchup & Mustard                      Tuscan Sun

Oh My!                                          Vavoom



Yellow Blend                               Pink/Pink Blend           

Easy Going                                  Belinda’s Dream            

Julia Child                                    Jump for Joy

Shock Wave                                 Mardi Gras

Sparkle & Shine                          

Sunsprite                                     Lavender/Purple Blend

                                                    Cinco de Mayo  

White                                           Ebb Tide


Get Tangled up in Some of Our Hottest Climbers:


Red Blend

Blaze Improved

Don Juan


Pink Blend

New Dawn


Yellow Blend

Joseph’s Coat

Royal Gold




Drift Roses

The perfect for small gardens! 

A cross between full size groundcover roses

 and miniature roses.  They are tough, repeat bloomers and disease resistant in a well managed size.


Apricot                Coral                  Red

Pink                    Sweet



Shrub Roses Anyone Can Grow:


Knock Out Double Pink – Medium Pink

Knock Out Double Red - Cherry Red      

Knock Out Pink - Medium Pink

Knock Out Red - Cherry Red

Knock Out Sunny - Yellow

White Out - White


A Little Something for the Miniature Garden:


Diamond Eyes - Black Purple

Rainbow’s End - Yellow Blend

Ruby Ruby - Medium Red

Tiddly Winks - Yellow Blend

Tree Roses:


Ketchup & Mustard



Tree Rose Twofer

Ebb Tide & Julia Child

             Deep Purple & Butter Gold